I am going to use this page to show some of the bespoke gutter brackets I have made for different situations and specific needs of various clients and architects.

Below are 2 pictures of rafter straps I made for How Hill Farm on the request of the architect. He specified hangers that couldn't be seen, but had to be adjustable vertically.  In the pictures you can see the rafter straps in place before the roof tiles are fitted. Facia brackets are then fitted to the vertical, by use of a nut and bolt and any waste is removed, thus showing only the facia bracket and none of the strap.  Due to the unevenness of the walls, each strap is unique and has been shaped to fit it's own rafter. See How Hill Farm on my projects page for the finished look.

Below are  2 pictures of some brackets I had made for a job which previously had facia boards fitted directly to the stone. The previous look was not ideal as the wall had a distinct bow to it and because the facia was fitted directly to the wall, it was also bowed, which in turn made the gutter curve (see the before and after pictures). 



See Little Barrowby Farm on my projects page fore more pictures. 

The next four pictures show a facia bracket for swan necks. In this instance the bracket is used to support the swan which would normally be supported by the pipe below but in this case the swan is dropping directly into a hopper and is not supported. The original bracket was made of lead, as are every other bracket of this type that I have seen, lead tends to stretch and split when under pressure. I decided to make it out of steel for longevity.

The second picture shows a before picture and the third an after, you can see in the after picture how the swan neck sits much higher than in the before picture..

See Coney Street for more pictures.

Below is a gutter fascia bracket that was fabricated to match an existing  one.

The walls on the project below are made of insulation which is then rendered. This caused a problem when fitting the pipes.

 The pictures below show the backplate for the fall pipe, which is bolted through the middle, the bolt is 150mm long in order to take through the 80mm of insulation and securing into the timber frame, which was marked before the insulation was fitted.

I have shown my original drawings for the fabricator, which will help you to understand how the bracket works. See Kirkburton Primary School for more pictures.

 Below is a bracket that was made for Howden Minster to hold the shoe in place. The standard build in holderbat wasn't long enough for the job, so this had to be fabricated. Designed by me and fabricated by:- D.L.Welding Services.

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