This project has been designed as an eco-building and has a grass roof which was fitted by Everlast Waterproofing LTD, the walls are made of insulation which is then rendered. This caused a problem fitting the pipes but as you will see the special brackets got round that problem.

Gutters. 5"x4" OG fitted using fascia brackets, the pipes are 3" round fitted using special brackets. Manufactured by Hall & Botterill.

The picture below shows the backplate for the fall pipe, which is bolted through the middle, the bolt is 150mm long in order to take through the 80mm of insulation and securing into the timber frame, which was marked before the insulation was fitted. 

See bespoke brackets for more details on the se brackets.

The picture below shows the pipe fitted using stainless steel dome headed nuts and stainless washers.

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